Certificate of Award Issuance and Use

Certificate of award are given when it has been determined that a participant has acquired the specific knowledge, skills and competencies provided during the training. The certificate of award is valid for a 5 year period from issue date. The assessment, administered following course attendance, is intended to evaluate whether the desired knowledge, skills and competencies have been acquired through the course. The program is complete once the certificate of award has been issued and no further activities are required of the participant to maintain that certificate of award during the 5 year effective period.

Program participants are not awarded any designations or acronyms as a result of training. They may promote their attendance and certificate of award to alert their patrons of training during the 5 year effective period.

As of March 1, 2016, all certificates will be available in PDF format sent to you via email for FREE. *There will be an option to have a certificate printed and mailed to you for a cost of $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

User Rights

MenuTrinfo is dedicated to the success and satisfaction of our student/client base. MenuTrinfo holds true to the fundamental belief that the success of our student/client directly reflects the success of MenuTrinfo. To maintain the continued success and growth of the student/client, the following directives must be followed:

  • MenuTrinfo will in no way discriminate against any who choose to purchase and take one of the AllerTrain courses
  • MenuTrinfo will always allow the student/client the right to display their certificate of award at any time before the student/client’s certificate of award expires.
  • MenuTrinfo will in no way prohibit or censor any complaint regarding the course, website mechanics, or staff regardless of how it is received (Phone, email, support ticket, in person) from access of upper management.

Fees, Cancellation, Substitution Policies

Deadlines and Late-Registrations

Regular student registration closes 10 business days prior to the start of the course, with the exception of the eLearning courses. eLearning course participants may register and take the course immediately thereafter.

Late registrations to webinar and in-person trainings may be accepted in the course on a case by case basis. There are no extra fees associated with late registrations.

Rescheduling, Cancellations and No-Shows

Webinar class participants may reschedule any class at any time prior to the class date at no additional fee. To do so, participants must contact the MenuTrinfo® headquarters as communicated during the registration process. Failure to reschedule ahead of the class date will result in a no-show status and a credit for the course will not be issued. Live classes may be rescheduled as long as MenuTrinfo® is notified at least 48 hours prior to the date of the class.

Class cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to the date of the original class will result in a full refund of any payment received by MenuTrinfo®. Failure to notify MenuTrinfo® headquarters of class cancellations prior to the date of the class will result in non-refund.

No-shows who do not attempt to contact MenuTrinfo® prior to the date of the class will not be issued a refund or a credit for a future course as dictated during the registration process.


Any individual is able to transfer his or her registration to another person at any time, up to and including the day of the course at no additional charge. Participants must notify MenuTrinfo® headquarters of the substitution.


AllerTrain K-12, AllerTrain U and AllerTrain Lite are charged once the answer sheets are received to HQ. Certificates will be held until payment is received in full. MenuTrinfo is not responsible for certificates lost in the mail. If your certificate was sent but never received, you will be charged a replacement fee.

Privacy and Information Disclosure Policy

MenuTrinfo considers all information you disclose or information that is automatically collected to be confidential.

We will not disclose, give, sell, or transfer any personal information about our students unless it is required:

  • By law.
  • For law enforcement reasons.

Other possible uses of your information:

We will only use personal identifying information to respond to you, in which case various people may need to see the information you provide in order to provide a response to you.

Note: Email is not necessarily secure against interception. If your communication is sensitive, or if it includes personal information such as your social security number, you can send it by postal mail instead.

Appeals and Complaints Policy

MenuTrinfo® reserves the right to revoke an examinee’s certificate based on any security violation that severely compromises the validity, reliability, security, or integrity of MenuTrinfo®’s certificate of award programs.

Any examinee who is denied eligibility to sit for the exam, denied accommodation, failed the exam, had an exam terminated due to cheating, has had a certificate revoked, or any Master Trainer wishing to appeal an action resulting from an investigation may appeal the decision by submitting an Appeal Request Form within 30 days of the initial incident. MenuTrinfo® will review and render a decision within 30 days of receipt of this form. This decision is final.

Upon receipt of the appeal, the request as well as all prior documentation (if any) will be forwarded to the Education Department for review. The Director can escalate the concern to the CEO, if warranted, or will review and make a final decision on the appeal within 30 days of receipt of the written request. The final decision will be communicated in writing, via traceable mail, to the individual who submitted the appeal within 10 days of rendering the decision.

The decision of the Director or CEO concerning all appeals is final. A secondary appeal may be submitted three years after the original date of the decision.

When to Submit an Appeal Request Form

Any candidate or examinee who has been denied eligibility to sit for an exam, failed an exam, or whose certificate or Master Trainer privilege has been revoked, may appeal a denial or revocation by submitting a written request to MenuTrinfo® headquarters within 30 calendar days of notification of the denial or revocation.

How the Appeal Process Works

Upon receipt of the appeal, MenuTrinfo® headquarters forwards the request with all prior documentation (if any) to Education Department for review. The Director will escalate the concern to the CEO if necessary to make a final decision on the appeal within 30 days of receipt of the written request. This final decision will be communicated in writing, via traceable mail, to the individual who submitted the appeal within 10 days of rendering the decision. The decision concerning an appeal is final.

How to Submit an Appeal Request Form


MenuTrinfo will encourage all complaints to be resolved informally in the first instance. If the student/client involved would like assistance to resolve a matter informally, they are encouraged to contact us through the website, contact MenuTrinfo via email, or speak with the CEO directly.

Formal Complaints must be emailed to info@menutrinfo.com. The Formal Complaint will then be forwarded to the person holding authority over the AllerTrain program. Formal complaints must be submitted in writing and contain the reason for the complaint.

The process for resolving the formal written complaint will commence within ten working days. Resolving the matter will be considered a priority by MenuTrinfo and every reasonable resource will be made to resolve the formal complaint as soon as possible. All complaints and appeals will be approached with a fair and transparent manner with the complainant being provided information about their formal complaint with corresponding resolution as deemed necessary. The internal formal process will be at no cost to the complainant. MenuTrinfo will ensure the matter will be handled in strict confidentiality. A written statement of outcome will be mailed and/or emailed to the complainant including reasons for decision. The complainant’s current state will be upheld during the formal process of complaint.


Can a Master Trainer Alter Course Content?

The ONLY alterations a Master Trainer can make to ANY AllerTrain course materials is the addition of a specific restaurant brand, college or corporate policy. These additions are for INFORMATIONAL purposes only and will not be tested to.  You must submit a copy of any content added to AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo for approval, prior to your teaching date. It is never acceptable to alter or omit any course content.