Working directly with an AllerTrain Certified AllerTrainer can give you a leg up in training your team on food allergies. Live training in a classroom setting helps clarify all points of a class and gives you the opportunity to have a group of people trained at once. AllerTrain lets you best decide how to best train your team with a live trainer! Work with us to hire a local trainer, schedule a live webinar with an in-house AllerTrainer or become a certified AllerTrainer so YOU can train your team!

With three great avenues for live training, AllerTrain is prepped to provide the best on-site training possible. To inquire about becoming a Certified AllerTrainer, to schedule a live training webinar or have us connect you with a Certified AllerTrainer in your area, call us at 970-295-4370 or email

Need help finding a Certified AllerTrainer? Contact us!