New Year: New Look

The MenuTrinfo family was founded by a husband and wife who are passionate about adding nutritional information to menus. We built a software that took individual recipes and gave nutritional facts. Since our inception in 2010 the restaurant world has morphed into a healthy, food conscious industry. The need for allergy awareness, nutritional information and kitchen audits are at an all time high. With our team, we have built companies to cater to those needs.


Now, eight years later, with the same passion and drive, we offer a family of services! AllerTrain, MenuTrinfo and Kitchens With Confidence make up our suite of companies and we have given our website a makeover to accommodate. Each branch has its own specialty and we are working each day to grow and continue being the experts in our field.


MenuTrinfo was our very first business venture. MenuTrinfo’s prime focus is on menu labeling and being a nutritional help desk. We provide two major services: Certified Nutritionals and food allergy/ gluten-free identification and education. Our team of Nutritionists can gladly review your menus and provide nutritional information from our proprietary software that is FDA compliant.


AllerTrain was born from the growing need for food allergy training. With little competition and a rising awareness, restaurants, schools and food service facilities needed an answer when training their staff. AllerTrain offers a suite of courses that cater to everyone in the foodservice industry. From busboys to upper management, AllerTrain has the perfect solution for anyone needing allergy training. Each course is specific to the audience, offers both live training and online options and results in a certificate good for 5 years. AllerTrain is ANSI accredited and meets the mandates that states in America are passing to require food allergy training. AllerTrain has a large team of Master Trainers who can teach any of the courses offered in the AllerTrain suite of courses. Restaurants seeking to train their staff can choose from the online course, hiring an in person trainer or have one of their own team members become a Master Trainer.


Kitchens with Confidence (KWC) is our newest adventure in the food service world. KWC offers allergen and gluten-free certification for kitchens and is a leading full-service kitchen auditing service. Our team of certified auditors look closely into kitchens and menus in order to ensure a safer dining experience for those who require special dietary accommodations.


With our family of services and team of dedicated professionals, we offer a variety of solutions for the food service industry. Our clients range from individual passionate people to major corporations and we strive to cater to everyone with the same level of attention and focus to detail. With this new year, we offer a new and improved look and are proud to offer such a wide variety of food service solutions!

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