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State Flyer (editable)


Do you have a passion for Food Allergy Awareness that’s big enough to spark change?

Ready to join us?

That is the mission of this movement:  “To spark change state by state by assisting to achieve mandated accredited food allergy training”.

AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo is in search of a few good women and men for Heels on the Ground for Food Allergies

HOTG4Food Allergies

Are you a potential advocate? 

  • Bold enough to stand up for legislation

  • Passionate enough to talk to public health departments

  • Assured enough to clearly communicate a strong message

Tell Us About Yourself!

  • What is your level of knowledge and experience regarding Food Allergies?

  • Are you a member of any Food Allergy Communities and what is your level of involvement?

  • Tell us about any volunteer work you do related to Food Allergies.

  • Are you currently involved with any non-profit organizations?

  • Are you currently active with Food Allergy training or consulting?

  • Do you live close to your State Capitol and are you able to visit regularly?

  • Anything else we should know about you?

  • Do you know someone else who would be a great Allergy Champion? Tell us!