ATU Canada

“AllerTrained” Colleges & Universities





The colleges and universities shown here have staff that have completed an AllerTrain™ food allergy and gluten-free training class offered specifically for Canada.  The AllerTrain Suite of Courses provides higher education facilities comprehensive food allergy training and supports different staff member responsibilities across campus programs. Please contact the individual school for details about what classes were completed, number of staff trained, food allergy policy and school procedures for accommodating those with special dietary needs.

This map of educational facilities is to be used for information only.  MenuTrinfo© LLC, its representatives, trainers and employees cannot guarantee absolute prevention of a food related illness or reaction in any facility.  No food allergen training that was developed by MenuTrinfo© LLC and taught through AllerTrain should be considered a guarantee that foods will be free of allergens and/or gluten; this information represents a best faith effort to provide food allergen best practices and procedures in a kitchen that contains any and all allergens at any given time. MenuTrinfo© LLC does not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed at our client’s establishments. Decisions on exposure, voluntary risks or level of precaution are solely at the diner, customer, student, or persons discretion every time.