Who’s Been Trained?

Colleges and Universities in the US and Canada are going the extra mile for students with food allergies and gluten-free needs. Want to know what colleges and universities are striving to help manage food allergies and gluten-free meal needs on their campuses?

We have provided a map on this site (USA and Canada) with a clear listing of locations that have had one or more people trained in either AllerTrain, AllerTrain U, AllerTrain Canada, or AllerTrain Lite.  Additionally, some schools have gone the extra distance and commitment to have an AllerTrain certified Master Trainer on their staff.  Having a Master Trainer on site helps keep staff trained on a regular basis. Schools that have a Master Trainer on site are listed here.

Make sure the school you are interested in is maintaining their AllerTrain status. The fact that a staff member has been trained does not guarantee perfection of food allergen free service ever.  Training makes it certain that the site has more information on ways to help make food safe for those with special dietary needs.