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Classes can be taken online through our e-Learning or yours!

How do you prefer to train your staff?

Any way you like it….we accommodate your needs for training the way you prefer to train your staff.   (NOT a one size fits all approach)

On-line, On-demand

Need food allergy training today? AllerTrain eLearning allows you to take the courses you need on any device, at any time. Classes today are available on a computer, iPad, android device, iPhone or additional smart phones. It is the easiest and simplest way to have you and your staff complete the training right now, today.   Click to take AllerTrain, or AllerTrain Lite now.

Additionally on the eLearning platforms we can set up your own unique learning academy.  This environment allows your staff to take the training when and where you choose, all under your brand, direction and reporting capabilities.  If you are representing a food service group, concept, restaurant brand or crew,  to let us know how we can set up an academy for your organization that fits your unique needs.

Having the entire team take the same training, the same way is by far the most efficient and streamlined choice for today’s learner.


Our eLearning Partners:

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Live Instructor-Lead Webinar

Let one of our knowledgeable in-house instructors present any of the AllerTrain Suite of Courses to you from the comfort of your work desk! Webinars can be offer around your schedule and to meet your needs with a minimum of 10 students. All webinars are interactive and allow for open dialog between you and our instructors.

A webinar can also be set up to meet your specific scheduling needs. Fill out  this request to get your webinar set up this week.

Live Private Course

If you would like to bring a trainer to your location, AllerTrain is happy to send one of our Certified Master Trainers to expertly train your staff on site. Find a Master Trainer in your area and request a class today! Don’t see any Master Trainers in your area? Not to worry. Fill out a class request and an AllerTrain representative will contact your shortly about your training options.

Do You Have Your Own Learning Management System (LMS)?

To accommodate our customers who have an internal LMS, we have a published SCORM compliant file ready to be uploaded onto most LMS systems. Give us a call to discuss licensing options for your brand.