Courses & Delivery Options

The AllerTrain Suite of Courses are designed to cater to various food service professionals and settings, including restaurant managers, hourly employees, chefs, university dining halls, university resident advisors and primary and secondary school staff.

Our courses teach food service professionals how to better serve diners with special dietary needs, including food allergies, food intolerances and celiac disease. Various course delivery options are available including e-learning, live taught by a certified Master Trainer, or via live webinar.

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Other AllerTrain Courses

AllerChef is a class designed with today’s chef in mind. Why just satisfy those with special dietary needs when you can impress them? Turning the first-time customer into a repeat regular is easier than you think and the result is increased sales and satisfaction for all.

Answering the call for special accommodations is on everyone’s mind and this class will make that possible. Successfully eating gluten-free and allergen-free in a restaurant or food service location takes extra time, skill, training and information for everyone working in a kitchen. The AllerChef course will help you lead the charge and make a difference.

The AllerChef course is meant to be supplemental to the AllerTrain or AllerTrain Lite course, by offering more specific guidance on how to make sufficient substitutions to recipes, for your food allergic diners.

  • Live webinar and live trainer classes available
  • 60 minute course
  • No final exam and no certification
  • Allergy friendly recipes included


AllerTrain RA is a food allergy and gluten-free training program designed for Resident Assistants (RA) living in a college or university dorm setting. Among the many responsibilities that RA’s hold, one of the core duties they are tasked with is ensuring the safety of the students on their floor. With 1 in 13 students of school age having at least one food allergy, the likelihood that a campus RA will have a student on their floor with a food allergy is very high.

RA’s will often be the first responders to allergy-related incidents. Through taking this course, they will learn the health implications food allergies have on their residents, learn to identify common risk factors for students with food allergies on campus and in dining halls, and be better prepared to handle emergency situations until medical professionals arrive.

  • E-learning, live webinar and live trainer classes available
  • 10-15 minute course
  • Powerpoint presentation or video course available
  • No final exam and no certification
  • Can be easily incorporated into an existing Resident Assistant training program


AllerTrain Canada is a food allergy and gluten-free training course designed specifically for Canada. This course teaches food service professionals about the top foods causing food allergies, proper protocol for preparing food to avoid cross-contact, and how to accommodate diners with special dietary needs. Food policy and legislation specific to Canada is covered in this course.

  • 60-90 minute course
  • Live trainer and live webinar classes available
  • 30 question final exam
  • Certificate valid for 5 years

AllerTrain Mini is a food allergy emergency response training course, designed for those who don’t necessarily serve or handle food, but may need to know what a food allergy is and how to handle an allergic reaction (i.e. bus drivers, teachers, flight attendants, volunteers etc.).

  • 15-20 minute course
  • Live trainer and live webinar classes available
  • No exam and no certification

allertrain pizza

AllerTrain Pizza is a gluten-free education and training course, designed specifically for the Pizzeria industry. This course teaches the Pizzeria’s front of the house to serve gluten-free menu items with greater success, and addresses specific challenges and concerns for Pizzeria’s back of the house, to help prevent cross-contact.

  • 30-40 minute course
  • Live trainer and live webinar classes available
  • No exam and no certification

What does ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Accreditation Mean?

The American National Standards Institute is a non-profit organization that creates voluntary guidelines for products, services, processes, systems and personnel in nearly every sector in the United States. ANSI accreditation assures consistency and integrity, providing AllerTrain certificate holders confidence in knowing that they have received food allergy training which meets rigorous industry best practices and standards.

For more information about ANSI visit


“I have greatly benefited from the use of the Allertrain RA Video at both of the college campuses I work at as a dietitian.  I have coordinated with Housing Services to have the RA’s preview the video prior to a presentation I provide before the beginning of the semester (at both campuses).  This video educates on food allergies, symptoms of a food allergic reaction, identifying the need to have an emergency response for an institution, and the potential social concerns of the students they are assisting.  In general, the video opens up a larger discussion between the RA’s and myself in a creative, yet educational, way (and hopefully, a continued conversation between themselves).  I highly recommend the AllerTrain RA video to support the awareness for RA’s (and Housing Services) in supporting those students with food allergies.”
-Shavaun C., Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Babson College