Courses & Delivery Options

The AllerTrain Suite of Courses are designed to cater to various food service professionals and settings, including restaurant managers, hourly employees, chefs, university dining halls, university resident advisors and primary and secondary school staff.

Our courses teach food service professionals how to better serve diners with special dietary needs, including food allergies, food intolerances and celiac disease. Various course delivery options are available including e-learning, live taught by a certified Master Trainer, or via live webinar.

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AllerTrain U

AllerTrain U is an ANSI accredited, manager level, food allergy and gluten-free training course designed for those who serve food in a college or university setting. Students who suffer from food allergies or celiac disease can have a hard time transitioning to life on campus, especially when they have special dietary needs.

This course will prepare dining staff to cater to these students’ needs, teach them how to recognize symptoms of an allergic reaction, and how to implement proper procedures in their dining hall that will help prevent these reactions from occurring. Recommendations for policy implementation as well as information on current food allergy legislation is also covered.

  • Live webinar and live trainer classes available
  • 90 minute course
  • Supplemental course workbook available
  • 30 question final exam
  • Certificate valid for 5 years
  • ANSI accredited

We have trained hundreds of schools in the United States. Check out our Map of College and Universities to see which have been AllerTrained!


What does ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Accreditation Mean?

The American National Standards Institute is a non-profit organization that creates voluntary guidelines for products, services, processes, systems and personnel in nearly every sector in the United States. ANSI accreditation assures consistency and integrity, providing AllerTrain certificate holders confidence in knowing that they have received food allergy training which meets rigorous industry best practices and standards.

For more information about ANSI visit


“North Dakota State College of Science has utilized numerous trainings from MenuTrinfo-AllerTrain U, AllerTrain Lite, AllerTrain, AllerTrainRA. They have been incredibly beneficial to all who have participated:  Dining Services Staff-Full time, part-time and student employees, RA’s and Culinary Arts Students and Instructors.  We have also taught the classes to Administrative Assistants (responsible for label making) and a dietetic intern.  Staff report feeling more confident in working w/ customers, handling food items safely and teaching others about allergens.  They have utilized the information to make significant improvements in many areas of our operations to prevent cross-contact and again handle foods safely.  And, most importantly, they have taken major ownership, due to their increased knowledge and confidence, to implement the necessary improvements in our operations.  This would not have been possible w/out a program such as yours.”
-Kathryn T., North Dakota State College of Science

“AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo is playing a big part in helping our university prepare for those coming to us with these dietary restrictions.  After almost 600 team members successfully going through either the AllerTrain U or AllerTrain Lite courses, I have received great feedback about how they went back to their workstations and changed their practices, as well as helped them give better information to our guests that come to them with questions.”
-Gina K., Michigan State University