Summer 2022 Recipe Contest Winner!

AllerTrain is hosting a contest! Thank you to everyone who entered our contest this past month! We had so many great submissions, so it was hard for us to turn down so many delicious recipes!…

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Summer 2022 Recipe Contest!

AllerTrain is hosting a contest! We're hosting a Recipe contest this month, and the winner will get $100 to the AllerTrain® store! The rules are simple: Include your recipe on the form belowList out all…

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UNC being the nation's first public school on powder-blue banners food allergen conscious

Client Spotlight: Food Allergen Training at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the oldest public university in the United States, and is also listed as a Public Ivy. It's complete with enriching educational opportunities, and a variety of…

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four of Portillo's incredible hot dogs allergen aware

Client Spotlight: Portillo’sⓇ

Portillo’sⓇ has been delighting diners since first opening in 1963, when Dick Portillo invested $1,100 into a trailer that he converted into a hot dog stand in Villa Park, IL. He called it “The Dog…

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child pushing away food he knows he is allergic to

Top Food Service Training at All Levels

Why Choose the Nation’s #1 Food Allergy Training: AllerTrainⓇ Food allergies are ancient: research suggests that they evolved around 2500 BCE. While theterm “food allergies” is only a century or two old, medical practitioners have…

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Bard College banner for allergen training

AllerTrain’s Work with Bard College

MenuTrinfo® is thrilled to announce that Bard College, through its administration by Parkhurst Dining, is onboard with efficient and accurate food allergen training through our AllerTrain™ training division. Several of the Parkhurst Dining AllerTrainers were…

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The In’s and Out’s of e-Learning

Ah, e-learning.  Is there anything more fabulous than earning credits or certifications in your pajamas?  E-learning refers to the use of electronic means such as computers and internet for education or training, replacing the physical…

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How COVID Food Safety Procedures Protect Those with Food Allergies

Dining out with food allergies has always been a scary task. Even when restaurants and food service establishments take extreme measures to keep diners safe, accidents can still happen. It’s even more scary when you…

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FDA’s Temporary Terrifying Policy Change

Written by CEO, Betsy Craig Minimizing the impact on supply chain for manufactures is maximizing the concern for 32 million people. Due to COVID-19, the FDA made a bold move without consideration of a huge…

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Food Safety: Now More than Ever

Written by CEO Betsy Craig For decades the food service industry has been training their teams on food safety at the insistence of local, state and federal regulations.  Folks on every level of our food service…

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