Announcing the Winners of the AllerTrain Food Allergy Awards!

Over the years AllerTrain has had the privilege of working with incredible people from all over the food industry. With this massive database of hard working, passionate people we had to find a way to shine the spotlight! It’s nearly impossible these days to find a restaurant or University dining hall that hasn’t encountered a guest with a food allergy or intolerance. About 15 million Americans have food allergies making it crucial now more than ever for training and awareness in food service establishments.

There are so many outstanding brands, schools and individuals who are dedicated to just that: food allergy training and safety. This is why, we at AllerTrain wanted to find a way to recognize the industry leaders who are at the forefront of food allergy safety, training and service. Each year we are going to seek out those who went above and beyond to ensure the safety of their diners. With eight categories we are able to really highlight exceptional workers!

Announcing our 2017 Food Allergy Award Winners

Best Food Allergy Training for Restaurants Eat’n Park Hospitality Group
Best Food Allergy Training for Universities Liberty University
Best Food Allergy Champion for Restaurants Sarah Lauer, Glory Days Grill
Best Food Allergy Champion for Universities Carrie Anderson, Purdue University
Best Food Allergy Innovation for Universities Beth Winthrop, Sodexo
Best Food Allergy Innovation for Restaurants Bean Sprouts
Best Overall Food Allergy Program for Restaurants South Point Hotel Casino & Spa
Best Overall Food Allergy Program for Universities Michigan State University

If you know an individual, brand or school who would be a perfect candidate for next year’s awards, keep an eye out for our nominations in early 2018! We are always seeking passionate candidates who not only want to lead the way to safe dining but are already actively working towards that goal. Congratulations to the incredible recipients of our awards this year, keep up the hard work!

3 Responses to Announcing the Winners of the AllerTrain Food Allergy Awards!

  1. Mike Dorsey says:

    Can you include some sort of location indicator for the restaurants? There are a lot of restaurants named Bean Sprouts and Glory Days out there.

    • Betsy Craig says:

      Great question. Hard to do as we simply provide the training and great folks like AllergyEats and DineSafe have those apps already dialed in. We would deviate from the super important work of the training to simply duplicate those great folks solution so for now we will not do this type of service ourselves.

      The chain/brand called Glory Days Grill is located in the MD, VA and West VA area and there are a number of Bean Sprouts mostly connected to museums and kid friendly places. Thanks for stopping by and reading about our great awards for some leaders for sure.

  2. Melissa Jordan says:

    Congrats to Sodexo’s Liberty U dining team and Beth Winthrop

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