AllerTrain vs. Leading Competitor

What would you do with 66 minutes?

We decided to take a look at what classes are approved and compliant to meet the new mandate in the state of Illinois. There are more choices than ever before in this space, but not all programs are created equal. AllerTrain is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited Allergy and Gluten-Free training and offers options far more accessible and time-efficient than the rest.

Our leading class available today is AllerTrain Lite, and it just so happens to meet the new mandate in Illinois. AllerTrain Lite is also a class that is 66 minutes shorter than our competition. Given the method of delivery and the use of video and slides, it takes approximately ⅓ the amount of time to complete all aspects of the class than the competition with the same learning objectives.

66 minutes in the life of a restaurant manager is extremely valuable. The possibilities are endless with what they could do with the extra hour and six minutes. It is a no brainer, right?

With a class that is 24 minutes in length, costs less than $20 a person and can be taught either online or by an in person trainer, AllerTrain Lite is the perfect solution for all food service facilities alike. AllerTrain Lite beats every aspect of its competitors and the results are obvious in the time and money saved.

So I ask what would you or your staff do with that extra time?  

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