AllerSTAR is a monthly poster program teaching food allergy and gluten-free training points for all employees.

Designed with a restaurant’s busy schedule in mind, AllerSTAR gives a valuable review on important food safety topics which can be utilized at any all-staff or pre-shift meeting.

Can your staff confidently speak to a customer with allergy concerns?

15 million Americans have food allergies and every 3 minutes an allergic reaction sends someone to the emergency room. Help reinforce allergy training and knowledge for all staff and turn your employees into AllerSTARs!

AllerSTAR Program Information

AllerSTAR is designed with the food industry’s busy schedule in mind to give a valuable review on important food safety topics. It can be utilized at any all-staff or pre-shift meeting.

The program includes:

  • New poster every month (11×17″ folds to 8.5×11 for easy storage)
  • Training directions (step-by-step instructions)
  • Training outline (provides a comprehensive review for you and your staff)
  • AllerSTAR sign off sheet (employees sign-off ensuring they understand the objective)

Subscriptions are available in digital format or printed hard-copies. Monthly and yearly pricing options and volume discounts also available. Call 970-295-4370 for more information.

Download FREE samples here:

Tree Nut vs Peanut:  Sample Poster  &  Sample Packet

Hidden Gluten:  Sample Poster & Sample Packet


“I enjoy the monthly AllerSTAR information because it allows me to offer a brief education about a specific topic, within the volume of information we must learn when dealing with food allergies. While offering this information it also allows our cooks to ask questions about the AllerSTAR presentation, or they may have other general allergy questions that might not otherwise be addressed.”
-Carrie A., Purdue University