What do people say about AllerTrain and AllerSTAR?Question marks on the blackboard


Sarah J.,

AllerTain Lite Love

“Julie (Webinar deliver by Trainer) gave a great presentation. Her pace was appropriate and she delivered the information in such a way that made it interesting”.   Sarah J.

Jackson Y.,

AllerTrain Love

“I bring up your sight a every monthly chef’s meeting telling the chefs that this problem is not going away so please get on board.The AllerTrain class comes in handy daily” Chef Jackson Y.

Shannan T.,

AllerTrain Love

“Awesome class!” Shannan T.

Purcell D.,

AllerTrain U Love

“We at Messiah College Dining Services, would like to thank you for the opportunity to take the AllerTrain U Course.  Our staff found the training very beneficial and a valuable resource for improving our Food Allergy Program. The course gave us a clear vision of Food Allergy Awareness, Food Intolerance, Policies, Legislation, Preventative Measures and Emergency Procedures.  We would recommend this program to be the standard for Food Allergen Education.” Percell D G – Executive Chef


Donna D.

AllerSTAR Love:

It has increased awareness and knowledge of the Big 8 food allergens to our managers and associates. It has also helped us to improve our service by making our guests feel safer with our increased knowledge on food allergies and how to prep, cook, and serve allergen free foods.

Repetition is important in our environment as we have a high turnover of managers and associates. Therefore, utilizing the monthly poster program helps to keep things fresh. Also, I like how you change up the presentation material of the same topic by saying the same thing, but in a different way.

-Donna D. University of Albany

Mary W.

AllerSTAR Love:

AllerSTAR is a great partner in the university setting. Their staff is knowledgeable and supportive and work with us to find the best practices for our campus that will keep our students safe.

-Mary W. King’s College

Jeff W.

AllerSTAR Love:

We have been getting the monthly AllerSTAR training reviews since the end of 2014. I really like the topics and how the information is formatted. We have daily huddles with all the staff and I take this opportunity to share this valuable information with my team then. I like that it keeps the ideas and topics they have learned in AllerTrain fresh and always on their minds. I also like that the posters can put up on my Allergy Awareness Board and that we have a training record by having each team member sign the sheet and we file with all our other training. This especially helps when we have our 3rd party audits each year. This year the auditor from EcoSure liked that we were going above and beyond what Sodexo had set forth for training. I am firm believer that we must constantly keep the information in front of our employee’s thus not to let them get comfortable. That comfort is when potential issues could arise.

I very much appreciate AllerSTAR and all the programs that MenuTrinfo has to offer, THANK YOU.

-Jeff W. St. Peter’s University

Carrie A.

AllerSTAR Love

I enjoy the monthly AllerSTAR information because it allows me to offer a brief education about a specific topic within the volume of information we must learn when dealing with food allergies. While offering this information it also allows our cooks to ask any questions about the Allerstar presentation or they may have another general allergy question that might not otherwise be addressed. Consistent allergy education is important to help your staff realize that allergies are here to stay and there is so much information to learn.

-Carrie A. Purdue University

Melanie O.

AllerTrain Love:

“Everyone should take this training.”

Melanie O., AllerTrain Lite

Debbie M.

I learned a lot about hidden allergens in food and how to dedicate our facility for certain allergens. There was a wealth of information. Thank you.


Jessica T.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and I appreciated her real world experiences that she shared.


Kristie F.

AllerTrain Workbook Love:

Very well organized, workbook easy to follow and fill in, great teachers.

AllerTrain U

Kelly A.

Thought it was wonderfully presented from a sales, hospitality and empathetic point of view.


Lauren W.

Great course! I hope to have managers and the front-line at my University take the course. Instructor was fantastic

AllerTrain U

Marjory E.

Well done. I’ll be talking to my administrator about imputing a policy we currently do not have one. Thanks, Marge.


Whitney B.

Excellent info to help with new position in residential dining. Will use knowledge gained to in service staff.

AllerTrain U

Mike M.

It had valuable information especially about signage for food units.

AllerTrain U

Karen J.

Having the workbook prior to the class and the post section review are great ideas.

AllerTrain U

Kristi E.

I REALLY appreciated this class! As a mom of a very allergic 3 year old the knowledge was well worth the investment!

AllerTrain K12

Robert B.

All employees in the food service industry should take.

AllerTrain U

Jill G.

AllerTrain Master Trainer Love:

My instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging.


Michael P.

AllerTrain K12 Love:

With this class I have used every bit of knowledge every day when I work. I work with kids everyday that deal with allergies and has had a huge impact on the students and their families feeling safe for their kids to eat at my station. I strongly recommend this class for those who are trying to start an allergen and gluten free station.

AllerTrain K12