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AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo, LLC: Our Story

IMG_5037 copyMenuTrinfo is dedicated to helping Food Service Businesses protect lives and health. We strive to become your Nutritional Partner in all aspects of nutrition, allergens, and Gluten-Free Certification. MenuTrinfo is your nutritional partner, offering:

  • Food Allergy and Gluten-Free Training
  • AllerSTAR Poster Training Program
  • Master Trainers (Train the Trainer solution)
  • Kitchen Allergy Audits
  • Tools for your food service location
  • ….and more!

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Betsy’s Story

Betsy CraigIn 2003, I started to get sick, and doctors couldn’t figure out why. I spent years living inside a question mark, wondering what was going on, and waiting for a diagnosis. It was like playing Bingo with medications and tests.

In October 2005, I was finally diagnosed with systemic scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the connective tissues, building up too much collagen. It leads to a hardening of the skin and internal organs. In my case my GI track and lungs were seriously affected.

The doctors told me I had 18 months to live. (They were clearly wrong) 😉

In 2006, I found a doctor willing to fight with me. He suggested oral chemotherapy, and I finally began to show some improvement. Slowly, I started to feel better and get better.

One of the biggest discoveries that I made throughout this journey is that what I eat makes a huge impact on my health. I started playing close attention to ingredient lists, and began to appreciate restaurants that paid the same level of attention to their menus. I started to think about food from a different perspective, and with my husband Rocky’s expert software engineering skills, we both set out to make the food industry better for people with specific dietary needs.

Quickly, we learned that our state of the art software could tag allergens and make a huge difference to those with special dietary needs.  From there AllerTrain was born.  Knowing proper training, delivered in many forms, levels and regularly would make all the difference in the world for those with food allergies and eating a gluten-free diet.

To your health!