MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain™ “Master Trainer” Program

Our Certified Master Trainers are seasoned professionals who have the heart and drive to teach others in the food service industry how to handle and manage safely serving those with special dietary needs. This program is similar to the well-known “Train the Trainer” program. AllerTrain’s subject matter experts give you the knowledge and skills to teach any of the AllerTrain Suite of Courses. Once you are a Certified Master Trainer, you can bring this valuable information back to your area, brand or university to teach others.


April 17, 2017

June 19, 2017

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Do You Have Your Own Food Safety Training Company?

Food allergy training is becoming more and more sought after by today’s food service establishments. For good reason, too! Your Certified Master Trainer credential will allow you to offer your clients a well-rounded food safety training program inclusive of award winning food allergy training!

Any of the AllerTrain Suite of Courses can be added to an existing food safety training package. This easy-to-sell add on will help you increase your company revenues and widen the scope of your training offering more benefit to your customers.

AllerTrain college courses

Do You Work For A Brand Or College / University?

Become a Certified Master Trainer and take the guess and grunt work out of developing an in-house food allergy training program. In addition, you can train your entire staff for a fraction of the price of having a trainer come in to your establishment, making your training dollars go farther!

Rest easy knowing you are providing your staff with the most current and accurate food allergy information available. The AllerTrain Suite of Courses are third party verified, endorsed by FARE and have gone through every avenue possible to ensure they meet or exceed the highest training industry standards.

For teaching all AllerTrain suite of courses:

You will be allowed to purchase the optional workbooks.  After the class is taught you will proctor an exam and then send a pfd or answer sheet back to AllerTrain MenuTrinfo’s home office for processing. Alternatively, you can proctor an secure web based exam and those results are automatically sent to the home office.  Once AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo’s home office receives the results of the exams then a certificate of award is generated and delivered.  There is a fee to process the exams and certificates.  In return AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo will maintain the class integrity, structure, content and all certificates of award.  You will be allowed to charge a fee to teach the class per student to be a leader in this exciting area.

Master Trainers can also benefit from AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo needing a trainer for requested classes in your area.  As we regularly receive requests for a live class it is our hope to have you in that region to teach the class directly. There will be a spilt revenue fee between the master trainer and AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo for these types of classes taught.

January 2015 AllerTrain Master Trainers

AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo charges a fee to cover the webinar based class that is necessary to become a “Certified Master Trainer” for the AllerTrain™ suite of classes.

Over the last few years, the dining landscape for restaurateurs, food service operators and even grocers has substantially changed. Gluten-free eating is at record levels, due to both trend and necessity. According to a 2012 Mayo Clinic Study, celiac disease is more common than previously thought and many away-from-home diners are choosing to eat gluten free, illustrated by the portion of households reporting purchases of gluten-free food products, which hit 11 percent last year, rising from 5 percent in 2010. Other allergens are being avoided at record rates too, as the Centers for Disease Control reported that the number of U.S. children who have food allergies rose by 50 percent from 1997 to 2011.

As a result, every restaurant operator and food service professional is on notice. Not only are tastes changing due to dietary restrictions, menu design now has life or death consequences– and operators are looking for solutions.

IMG_0005At AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo, we have found a way to flip the fear on serving special-needs diners through a series called the AllerTrain Master Trainer program. The one (1) day webinar is an accredited course for food safety experts, chefs and trainers that gives a general overview of our AllerTrain suite of courses. Topics covered include food allergies, intolerances and celiac disease, policies, laws and regulations, prevention of cross-contact, and safe food handling and storage practices. The difference between the master trainer program and others is its ability to teach food safety literally from the loading dock to the table top.

After the course, attendees will be equipped and confident to train down the line — owners, general managers, managers, chefs, line cooks, servers and anyone in the food service environment — on topics such as cross-contact, food preparation and the policies needed to protect both diners and food service operators.

The training doesn’t just apply to restaurant operators and employees, it extends to colleges and universities, amusement parks, movie theaters and any other type of food service establishment.

For example, Bill Moore is the director of safety and security and Eat n’Park Hospitality Group, which covers restaurants, colleges and universities, hospitals and senior care centers, corporate headquarters, and a professional sports arena. He has worked for the company for 34 years and attended our first Master Trainer course in January 2014 with two colleagues.

Bill started to research and work on a company-wide food allergy program for Eat n’Park Hospitality Group in 2005 after he saw an increase in diners with special dietary needs. Additionally, Bill’s wife is allergic to certain foods and therefore, finding restaurants and foodservice establishments that are safe to dine has been part of his family’s routine. And, it was a family trip to Disney that sparked his company’s food safety program.

Moore was so impressed with Disney’s own program that he modeled Eat n’Park’s after it, and through a partnership with San Jamar, established the use of color coded cutting boards, tongs and spatulas to ensure food safety. Bill says their allergy program is the number one compliment he receives on the company’s customer service line. He now conducts AllerTrain classes for Eat n’Park employees – including managers, cooks and servers.