Got AllerTrain?

College and Universities in the US and Canada are going the extra mile for students with food allergies and gluten free needs.

Want to know what college and Universities are going the extra mile to help manage food allergies and gluten free meal needs on campuses today?  We have provided a map on this site (USA and Canada) with a clear listing of locations that have had one or more people trained in either AllerTrain, AllerTrain U, AllerTrain Canada, or AllerTrain Lite.  Additionally some schools have gone the extra distance and commitment to have master trainer for AllerTrain on staff.  That allows the Master Trainer to keep the staff trained on a regular and on going basis if desired. Those schools will have their master trainer listed on our Master Trainer page here.


Ask to see the certificate to see the date the staff person was trained and when it expires.  Make sure the school your are interested in is maintaining their AllerTrain status. The fact that a staff member has been trained does not guarantee perfection of food allergen free service ever.  Training makes it certain that the individual trained at a specific site has more information and  ways to help make food safety much more possible especially when it comes to food allergens or gluten free needs.