I.               Deadlines and Late-Registrations

Regular student registration closes 10 business days prior to the start of the course, with the exception of the eLearning courses. eLearning course participants may register and take the course immediately thereafter.

Late registrations to webinar and in-person trainings may be accepted in the course on a case by case basis. There are no extra fees associated with late registrations.

II.             Rescheduling, Cancellations and No-Shows

Webinar class participants may reschedule any class at any time prior to the class date at no additional fee. To do so, participants must contact the MenuTrinfo® headquarters as communicated during the registration process. Failure to reschedule ahead of the class date will result in a no-show status and a credit for the course will not be issued. Live classes may be rescheduled as long as MenuTrinfo® is notified at least 48 hours prior to the date of the class.

Class cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to the date of the original class will result in a full refund of any payment received by MenuTrinfo®. Failure to notify MenuTrinfo® headquarters of class cancellations prior to the date of the class will result in non-refund.

No-shows who do not attempt to contact MenuTrinfo® prior to the date of the class will not be issued a refund or a credit for a future course as dictated during the registration process.

III.           Discrimination and ADA

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of MenuTrinfo® to serve all individuals who are eligible for its programs without regard to any non-merit factor. Accordingly, MenuTrinfo® does not tolerate discrimination by its employees when they are serving individuals who are eligible for its programs based on any non-merit factor, including race, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability (physical or mental), age, status as a parent, or genetic information. All employees are responsible for complying with this policy in discharging their job duties.

If there is a finding of non-compliance with the non-discrimination policy set forth above, appropriate disciplinary action, ranging from counseling to termination, will be taken against the employee who violated the policy.

Americans with Disabilities Act

MenuTrinfo® fully complies with all state and federal laws concerning the employment of persons with disabilities so as not to discriminate against them, and to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals in all aspects of employment.

An individual with a disability, as described by the ADA is a person who:

  • Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity;
  • Has a record or history of substantially limiting impairment, or
  • Is regarded or perceived as having a substantially limiting impairment

IV.           Appeals Policy

Any examinee who is denied eligibility to sit for the exam, denied accommodation, failed the exam, had an exam terminated due to cheating, has had a certificate revoked, or any Master Trainer wishing to appeal an action resulting from an investigation may appeal the decision by submitting an Appeal Request Form within 30 days of the initial incident. MenuTrinfo® will review and render a decision within 30 days of receipt of this form. This decision is final.

Upon receipt of the appeal, the request as well as all prior documentation (if any) will be forwarded to the Education Department for review. The Director can escalate the concern to the CEO, if warranted or if any potential for bias exists. If no bias exists, the Director will review and make a final decision on the appeal within 30 days of receipt of the written request. The final decision will be communicated in writing, via traceable to the individual who submitted the appeal within 10 days of rendering the decision.


The decision of the Director or CEO concerning all appeals is final. A secondary appeal may be submitted three years after the original date of the decision.

V.             Student Accommodations

Each learner must be treated equally and given equal access to all certificate program features. All Master Trainers should be notified of any accommodation requests at least 10 days prior to the exam date in order to obtain approval from MenuTrinfo® and to prepare for the accommodation. All such requests should be communicated to the MenuTrinfo® headquarters via a Testing Accommodation Request Form. If, at the time of the exam, a learner requests an accommodation that has not been preapproved by MenuTrinfo®, the examinee can either postpone the exam to take another date OR take the exam without the requested accommodation.

VI.           Certificate Use

Certificates are awarded when it has been determined that a participant has acquired the specific knowledge, skills and competencies provided during the training. The certificate is valid for a 5-year period from issue date for all classes. The assessment, administered following course attendance, is intended to evaluate whether the desired knowledge, skills and competencies have been acquired through the course. The program is complete once the certificate has been issued and no further activities are required of the participant to maintain that certificate during the 5-year respective effective period.


Program participants are not awarded any designations or acronyms as a result of training. They may promote their attendance and certificate to alert their patrons of training during the effective period.