2016 Culinary Trends

After surveying leading chefs in the foodservice industry, the National Restaurant Association has released this year’s 2016 Culinary Trends Forecast foreshadowing the trends we may become accustomed to in 2016. From appetizers to desserts, the review can provide great insight toward targeting your menu for the New Year. Here are the Top 20 Food Trends […]

nutritional analysis

On the surface, doing the nutritional analysis for your restaurant on your own might not seem so complicated. You log on to your favorite calorie counter app on your smartphone and then enter your restaurant’s recipes. However, once the process starts, it’s easy to see why so many restaurants and other foodservice establishments are choosing […]

do food allergies impact my restaurant

If you have spent any time in the foodservice industry, then chances are you have had at least one interaction with a food allergic diner. Food allergies are on the rise in America, which means restaurants are needing to accommodate more and more special dietary requests. This can have a huge impact on your bottom […]

AllerTrain logo

The Summer AllerTrain™ Master Trainer Program is fast approaching, only a few short weeks before we have another group of AllerTrain™ instructors. We are constantly amazed by what these master trainers accomplish. Some take the program back to the companies they work for while others have started their own consulting organization. Wherever or whomever they […]

Avoid Allergen Cross-Contact in the Kitchen

Preventing cross-contact among ingredients is a difficult task. As the rate of food allergies and other dining sensitivities among customers grow, the importance of eliminating sources of cross-contact becomes essential. Identifying sources of cross-contact as well as preventative measures will help ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience among customers. The first step in preventing […]

Pending Manditory in Maryland: Food Allergy Awareness

A senate bill was introduce on January 23rd,2014 in Maryland that would mandate all commercial kitchens to have allergy awareness training . Beginning March 1st, 2015, it will be mandatory for food establishments in Maryland to have one employee  on the premises at all times who have completed a food allergen awareness training course and […]

We’ve all read the headlines about restaurant patrons having an allergic reaction after being served food items contaminated with the cause of the reaction. While in a majority of cases these reactions have not been fatal they can be life threatening. According to a 2007 study by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), there […]

Be Allergy Aware:  A Quick Guide to the Most Common Food Allergies

8 foods are responsible for 90% of food allergic reactions.  We’ve assembled this guide to help you (and your kitchen) be on the look out for a food allergy. Milk Milk allergies are caused by an allergy to one of the 3 proteins contained in milk: casein, whey, or curds.  While replacing milk as a […]