gluten-free dog treats

While AllerTrain does focus on human dietary needs, we care about the pets out there, too! And believe it or not, pets can have gluten intolerances! So, this very special post is for all of the animal lovers out there! These DIY gluten-free dog treats are great for dogs with or without gluten issues, and […]

Food Allergy Info for Moms

By: Kristi Ertel Culinary landmines. That’s comes to my mind when I think of dining out. Christian, my food allergic son, loves all things “normal,” just like a typical five year old. We have learned to love gluten- free pizza, corn- free/gluten- free tacos, soy- free pastries, SunButter desserts and nut-free toppings at the local […]

food allergy

If you keep up with restaurant news, you may have noticed the recent onslaught of stories about food allergies. Their increasing prevalence, their potential deadliness, and the litigation that ensues after a terrible incident occurs. All of this can leave restaurant owners and general managers feeling trepidatious and vulnerable, especially when a diner comes in […]

Glory Days Grill Food Allergy

*photo from   The only thing more important than the food you serve are the customers you serve, and we love highlighting when companies recognize their customers’ health matters. When there are so many options for you to choose from, you can be confident in Glory Days Grill food allergy awareness.    Glory Days Grill provides […]

kids at college with allergies

Is your school AllerTrained? Food Allergy Training for all College and University Staff! Although college is an exciting time in life, sending your kids to college with allergies can be very scary. As if dining halls weren’t already the most intimidating social settings, being worried about if your food is handled safely or not only […]

Resident Advisers

  Campus Resident Advisers play an extremely important role in shaping the college experience for students. From being a role model to incoming students to organizing fun activities for dorm residents, RA’s are involved in many facets of student life. Among the many responsibilities, one of the core duties that Resident Advisers are tasked with […]

added sugars

When the FDA announced plans for updated nutrition facts panels in March of 2014, a number of alterations were proposed. Updated serving sizes, changes to font size and layout, and altering mandatory vitamin and mineral placement are just a few examples of the changes. However, no proposed edit has caused quite as much controversy as […]

As times change, so does the typical consumer. And as much as we cringe to admit, those that are currently driving the marketplace (Millennials and Generation Z), are demanding for transparency and authenticity when it comes to the foods they eat. According to a study titled the “Top 5 Future Eating Trends Worth Watching,” conducted […]

restaurant training

Chances are, if you work in the food service industry, you’ve come into contact with a customer with a severe food allergy. Food allergies are increasingly becoming more and more common among Americans. While many restaurants provide their staff with education on safe handling practices for food allergies upon hire, continued instruction and monthly training […]

Top 5 Ways Food Allergies are Impacting your Restaurant

If you have spent any time in the food-service industry, then chances are you have had at least one interaction with a food allergic diner. Food allergies are on the rise in America, which means restaurants are needing to accommodate more and more special dietary requests. This can have a huge impact on your bottom […]