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allertrianlogo-U-01AllerTrain U is a food allergy and gluten-free training course designed for people who serve food in a college or university setting. Students who suffer from food allergies or celiac disease can have a hard time eating on campus, but if the university staff has taken an AllerTrain U course, they’ll be better prepared to cater to these students’ needs. This will help colleges and universities understand, not only know how to recognize allergic reactions, but also how to have a dining set-up that will help prevent these reactions from occurring. As with our other courses, upon completion, each participant will be issued an AllerTrain U Certificate of Award valid for five (5) years.College campus

Who should take AllerTrain U?

University dining services would benefit from taking this course.

You will learn to:

  • Identify basic information about food allergies
  • Recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction
  • Define celiac disease
  • Describe how celiac disease affects the body
  • Understand the difference between an intolerance and an allergy
  • Describe successful techniques for implementing a food safety policy related to food allergies
  • Describe the Lesley University case and recognize the implications on university dining
  • Describe food packaging label requirements
  • Describe the roles of the campus dietitian, dining manager and staff in working with special-needs diners
  • Distinguish between cross-contact and cross-contamination
  • Identify kitchen habits that prevent cross-contact
  • Identify food handling techniques that prevent cross-contact
  • Describe the steps that are taken when a student has a reaction
  • Describe how and when to use an Auto-Injector Epinephrine device

This 90+ minute course is designed to assist dining services in increasing food allergy awareness for all school staff including dietitians, chefs, front of house staff, and anyone involved in campus food service operations. Following the successful completion of the course final exam, each participant will be issued an AllerTrain U Certificate of Achievement that is valid for five (5) years.

AllerTrain U is the preferred food allergy training in the college and university dining sector. We have trained over 200 schools in the United States. Check out our Map of College and Universities trained to see which have been AllerTrained!

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