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AllerTrain™ gets Allergen Training nod from Montgomery County, MD

AllerTrain receives county approval to provide food allergen and gluten-free training for Montgomery County food service employees.

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AT_suiteofcourses-01Our food allergy and gluten-free courses are designed to educate a wide variety of food handlers and non-food handlers.

AllerTrain and AllerTrain Lite are the ONLY ANSI accredited food allergy training courses available today!



Continuing Education Credit for AllerTrain Courses:

3 CEH’s for AllerTrain, AllerTrain U, or AllerTrain K-12 ACF: 1 CEH for AllerTrain Lite

AND-CDR-Accredited-Provider Logo Current
2 CPEU’s at level 2 for AllerTrain, AllerTrain U, and AllerTrain K-12

ANSI Accredited What does ANSI Accreditation Mean?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization that creates voluntary guidelines for products, services, processes, systems and personnel in nearly every sector in the United States. ANSI accreditation assures consistency and integrity, providing AllerTrain certificate holders confidence in knowing that they have received food allergy training which meets rigorous training industry best practices and standards.

For more information about ANSI visit www.ansi.org.

Protect lives through Accredited Food Allergy Training

  • bucket-allergen-badgelgIt is estimated that 15 million Americans have food allergies
  • 1 in 13 children are allergic to at least 1 food
  • From 1997 to 2011, food allergies among children increased by 50%
  • There is currently no known cure for food allergies
  • Peanut is the most common food allergen for children
  • Shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts are the most common food allergens with adults

AllerTrain is the leading food allergy and gluten-free training program for the food service industry.

Food Allergy Training is becoming more and more top of mind throughout the food service industry and today is required in at least 4 states.

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