AllerTrain, AllerTrain U and AllerTrain Lite are all approved to meet mandated training laws in different parts of the country.

Either AllerTrain or AllerTrain Lite will meet the new Illinois requirement.  Click below to take training now.

AllerTrain is an ANSI accredited food allergy and gluten-free training course offered by MenuTrinfo that is available in English and Spanish. The course teaches foodservice professionals about the top foods causing food allergies, the proper protocol for preparing food to avoid cross-contact and how to better serve diners with special dietary needs. This will help restaurants avoid food allergy related incidents, and prepare them to handle such incidents, should they occur. Once the course is complete, each participant will be issued an AllerTrain Certificate of Award that is valid for five years.

AllerTrain Lite is the nation’s leading ANSI accredited food allergy and gluten-free training course designed for all food handlers. The Lite version is a condensed version of the AllerTrain manager level course and is available in English, Spanish, and Simple Chinese.  AllerTrain Lite teaches employees how to safely interact with and serve diners with special dietary needs.  Once the course is complete, each participant will be issued an AllerTrain Certificate of Award that is valid for five years.

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Do you have a restaurant in the State of Illinois?

AllerTrain food allergy training and AllerTrain Lite food allergy training both meet the State mandated food service training in Illinois. A new law requiring managers of restaurants to have taken an ANSI accredited training by 1/1/18 and either AllerTrain or AllerTrain Lite are qualified classes.

Click the links above to take one of the classes now and complete the requirements today.


Master Trainer Course Date

Monday, January 15, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monday, June 4th, 2018


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Current Allergy Training Laws in the US for Food Service

Monday, October 30, 2017, 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Want to know what states and/or counties have passed food allergy training laws?

  • When will this be mandated?
  • Who must be trained?
  • What courses are available to you and your staff?

This webinar will answer those nagging questions as of 10/30/17.   Join Betsy Craig as she brings you fully up to speed with this vital information to manage your restaurant/food services training plans.

Tools for Schools to Accommodate Food Allergy Diners

Monday, November 13, 2017, 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Click Here to Register

Accommodating special dietary needs of students is a big job, and colleges and universities are taking it seriously.

What are the food allergy trends in campus dining ?

What are colleges doing to successfully adapt to these trends?

Top 5 tools for schools to accommodate food allergy diners and have your students LOVE what they eat.

The nations leading experts speak on what is being seen to achieve food service success for ALL diner today.
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15 Million Americans Have Food Allergies

AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo is leading the charge in food allergy training and education across the U.S. It is our mission to equip food service employees nationwide with the knowledge and skills to accommodate diners with food allergies, food intolerances and Celiac disease.  We have courses available in English, Spanish, and Simple Chinese

The AllerTrain Suite of Courses offers training designed specifically for:

  • Restaurants
  • College & university food service
  • K-12 school cafeterias
  • Food manufacturers
  • Resident advisors on college campuses

Whatever your training preferences are, we are confident that we can meet your needs.

We pride ourselves in the variety of ways we can deliver our courses to you and your staff.

  • E-learning…your LMS or ours
  • Live webinars
  • Classes taught by our Certified Master Trainers


Food Allergen Training and Gluten Free Training:  “Cornell University Dining has used AllerTrain and AllerTrain Lite as a training tool for all regular staff for over 2 years. Three hundred and ninety staff members have completed the courses. The 2 courses are professionally produced with very good video and still graphics, they are engaging and they’re easy to use. We had been looking for a good on-line food allergen training system and we found it with AllerTrain.”
-Therese O., Cornell University Dining

“The AllerTrain and AllerTrain Lite online courses are user friendly and they allow our staff to complete training at their own pace and time, which in our industry is paramount. AllerTrain has equipped our staff with more knowledge about food allergies and how dangerous they are, as well as more confidence on how to approach food allergic guests”.
-Elizabeth M., Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group

Food Allergen Training and Gluten Free Training:  “Since discovering AllerTrain about 5 years ago, we’ve found it to be instrumental in the development of our managers and as an added tool to serve our guests safely, so much so that we now require AllerTrain certification for all of our managers and team captains”.
-Sarah L., Glory Days Grill

“Sodexo enjoys our working relationship with AllerTrain.  They are always knowledgeable on the latest regulations, best practices and food allergy issues.  AllerTrain has the foresight to approach food allergy issues in a practical, holistic manner and take all stakeholders (i.e. individual, industry, advocacy, etc.) into consideration”. Food Allergen Training and Gluten Free Training
-Brian T., North America Safety at Sodexo